Tuesday, March 29, 2011


As I kid I hated tests - Spelling tests mostly but for some reason I remember the Standardize Tests almost fondly.  I liked the extra attention we got on those days.  An extra snack, a sharp no. 2 pencil and a firm never bitten eraser - at least at the start of the day.

The state we are registered with as homeschoolers requires us to give a standardize test every other year starting in 2nd grade.  So this year is my first year having to test one my children.  I spent a few days looking around on the internet and ended up going with BJU Press for their testing materials.  I had to send in my college diploma, I also sent in my teaching certificate and then had to sign some forms.  I paid a bit of money to get a DVD so that I could give the Sanford test but ended up going with the Iowa test.  Though I might try the Sanford in two years just to compare.

I can't share anything about the test itself but I can say the process so far was simple except for a little mix up on the shipping address -which we resolved without too much hassle.

I just hope my dear children end up with fond memorize of Standardize tests.

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