Saturday, August 13, 2011

Piano Anyone?

Music Education has always been the hardest for me to figure out.  I had a semester of guitar in college and played around with learning but never stuck it out.  I taught myself how to plunk out some notes on the piano but again never practiced or was really serious about learning.  I had a horrible music teacher in elementary school who just taught us to sing by ear and didn't teach us how to read notes.   Then in middle school and high school I was in the choir but faked my way through most of it.  I would like my children to understand music and I might as well learn with them.  We are currently fortunate enough to be renting a house with a piano in it so I decided to start there.  I ended up buying the first two books in this series:

Bastien Piano Basics: Piano Primer Level (Primer Level, WP 200)Bastien Piano Basics: Piano Primer Level (Primer Level, WP 200)

Bastien Piano Basics Level 1 - PianoBastien Piano Basics Level 1 - Piano

I also purchased the theory books for each level.  So far I am happy with how my children are doing on the lessons in the primer level - they are simple but progress quickly.

Mainly, I go over a new concept with my children and then have been letting them practice on their own as they have desire as we progress and as fall comes I will plan times in the day for them to practice.  I hope to finish the primer level by the New Year then move onto level 1.

Eventually I may hire a teacher that knows what they are doing but for now this is working.

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